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Y34 Immediate Flow even in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Y34 Yard Hydrant

Back in 1959, a Woodford IOWA® Model
Y34 Freezeless Yard Hydrant left the factory with a shiny new coat of paint, and found a home on a farm in Iowa. Fifty years later,
after countless hailstorms, sleet, rain,
snow, and subzero temperatures, it’s
not very shiny. But it’s still working fine.

The IOWA® Model Y34 Freezeless Yard Hydrant is the most-popular yard hydrant and offers immediate water flow even in sub-zero temperatures! Model Y34 hydrants are used
for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care and watering livestock.

• 3/4" inlet and 1" galvanized steel pipe.
• Adjustable link provides easy and positive   adjustment of the lever lock-in tension.
• Rod guide eliminates side pull on rod,   reduces wear on packing nut and stem
  (Fig. 1).
• Flow finder and lock is a simple cam that can   be set to automatically obtain the same flow   each time or lock against accidental opening.
• Long-life packing includes teflon impregnated
  packing in deep chamber with adjustable   packing nut.
• One-piece variable-flow plunger is a large   cushion type seal for longer life - is not easily   damaged and assures shut-off even when   foreign particles are present.
• Automatic drain feature (Fig. 2) - plunger   opens drain to prevent freezing - closes at
  any flow to prevent wasting water.
• Interchangeable parts - Woodford has   manufactured the IOWA® hydrant since 1929,   and although many improvements have been   made through the years, all parts are   interchangeable. All repairs can be made   from the top of the unit without removing
  the hydrant from the ground.

Female Inlet: Model Y34 - ¾" NPT
Casing: Model Y34 - 1" Galvanized Steel Pipe
Operating Rod: 3/8" Galvanized Steel Pipe
Drain Hole: Tapped - 1/8" N.P.T.
Nozzle: 3/4" Brass Male Hose Nozzle

Optional At Additional Cost:

1" brass pipe outer casing
3/8" brass pipe operating rod
1" NPSH hose nozzle
Max Pressure: 125 p.s.i.
Max Temperature: 120° F

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Y34 Yard Hydrant
Y34 yard hydrant installation instructions


Dig hole for hydrant approximately 2 feet in
diameter and deeper than the bury depth.

Flush gravel, debris, etc. out of the supply line
before connecting hydrant.

Install hydrant with drain hole below frost line.
Use wrenches on supply line fitting and brass
valve body only. This avoids over tightening the
hydrant assembly which could affect operation.

If supply line to the hydrant will not support
hydrant, use re-bar, length of pipe or other
suitable support driven in bottom of pit to help
support hydrant. Before filling excavation, turn
on water and check hydrant connection for

Provisions must be made to allow the water
to drain from the hydrant drain hole each time the hydrant is closed.

a) Fill bottom of pit with 1/2” gravel to a     minimum of 3” above brass drain valve
    body, to insure adequate drainage.

b) If the hydrant is installed inside a structure
    or concrete driveway, connect copper drain     tubing to the 1/8” NPT drain hole and dig a     remote drain field outside the structure for     the drain pipe to empty into. Without this     remote piping drain field, the water from the     hydrant drainage may percolate up to the     surface around or near the hydrant and will     damage the floor surface or cause muddy     areas around hydrant.

c) Saturated ground in the hydrant drain field     can prevent the hydrant from fully draining     and may result in freezing. If the area where     the hydrant is located is low lying or has a     tendency to have standing water, a larger     drain field or pit may be required to provide     the hydrant a place to drain.

Instructions above do not apply
to Sanitary or Utility Hydrant installation.

RK-Y34 Repair Kit


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